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Adult Eye Exam

Eye Health & Vision Exam

At Clarity Vision Group, We Care About Your Eye Care

The eye health and vision exam is the gold-standard in preventative eye care. This quick, annual appointment, allows our eye doctors to assess both of your eyes for health and vision.

Eye Health & Vision Exam

What Do Eye Health Exams Look For?

  • Visual acuity – AKA, how well you see. Correcting your vision and ensuring you see at your best is a primary focus of the vision part of your eye health and vision exam.
  • Eye health – Healthy eyes ensure a lifetime of sight. Our eye health and vision exam assess your eyes for eye diseases, field of vision, and proper function together.
  • Dry eye – Millions of Americans suffer from dry eye. We can help relieve your symptoms and improve your comfort. Learn more about dry eye.
  • Eye diseases- Glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, and other diseases are best treated when detected early. Our eye health and vision exams comprehensively screen for signs of disease.

Is It Time to Schedule an Exam?

The American Optometric Association recommends that American adults receive eye exams every year (annually).

If you have noticed changes in your vision, an eye health and vision exam will tell you what’s changed and what we can do about it.

Millions of Americans have eye diseases and don’t even know it until it is too late. Don’t be one of them!

Eye Health & Vision Exam

Need Glasses? We Can Help!

During the eye health and vision exam we assess your eyes for their visual acuity. If you’ve found yourself squinting to read or struggling while using a computer, it is probably time to re-check your corrective lens prescription.

Prescriptions Change Over Time

As you may know, our eyes are ever-changing. It is common for your corrective lens prescription to change many times throughout your life.

Nearly 75% of American Adults Require Corrective Lenses

According to The Vision Council, approximately three-quarters of American adults wear eyeglasses or contact lenses.

In-House Optical Lab Saves Time & Money

We can fill some prescriptions in as little as one hour thanks to our in-house optical lab.

Contact Lenses Are a Great Alternative (or Complement) to Glasses!

Millions of Americans wear contact lenses, and that number grows every year. Contact lens technology has become so advanced that modern contact lenses provide comfortable vision correction for nearly any prescription or need.

Thinking about contacts? Learn more about a contact lens evaluation and fitting.


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