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Children's Eye Exams

Expert Care for Young Eyes

We Are Dedicated to Protecting and Nurturing Your Child’s Vision

Clarity Vision Group is a family-oriented practice, and we strive to ensure that all children in the South Forsyth County area receive personalized, effective eye care from day one.

An hour long pediatric eye health exam is the key to proper eye care, and we recommend that your child has their eyes examined every 12 months.

Eye Health & Vision Exam

Child-Focused Eye Exams Are Crucial

The eye is a sensitive and crucial organ, and our exams allow us to evaluate:

  • Visual acuity – This is how well your child sees. Since children have no frame of reference, they rarely complain about eye problems – we can assess their visual field and focusing ability, a crucial part of any eye health exam.
  • Overall eye health – Healthy eyes mean quality vision. If your child has any irregularities or problems with their eye health, we will notice and analyze them over the course of our exam.
  • Signs of pediatric diseases – Some forms of glaucoma and cataracts can manifest in children and potentially cause blindness – we will use advanced imaging equipment to observe the lens and inner eye in detail.

When Was Your Child’s Last Exam?

Within a few months – They should wait a few more months before coming back for another check up. However, if your child has developed new worrisome symptoms, then give us a call and we’ll arrange an appointment.

A year ago – It’s time for their next visit to our office. A lot can change in a year, so we’ll analyze any differences to their ocular health, and supply a corrective lens prescription if needed.

More than 12 months ago – You should arrange an appointment ASAP. Children’s visual problems are uniquely difficult to observe, and only an expert exam can determine if your child’s eyesight and health are operating as normal.

Eye Health & Vision Exam

Managing Refractive Errors for Clear Vision

A critical part of our children’s eye health exam is the assessment of their visual acuity. Learning is an essential part of every child’s upbringing, and around 70% of that learning is visual – sharp eyesight is critical to growth, and we offer multiple ways to manage refractive errors.

Prescription Lenses

Whether it’s eyeglasses or lenses, these are the simplest way to return sharp vision to children with refractive errors. They can be tailored to their exact eye, helping them learn and participate confidently at school. Learn more about our contact lens exam and fitting.

In-House Optical Lab Saves Time & Money

We can fill some prescriptions in as little as one hour thanks to our in-house optical lab.

Vision Therapy

Some parents and children do not choose lenses. We offer specialist vision therapy, where a series of targeted exercises can retrain the brain and permanently correct vision problems.

Myopia Control

Nearsightedness is caused by an elongation of the eyeball, which continues to grow over our lifetime. Children’s eyes are very responsive to myopia control techniques, which aim to permanently halt this growth and stabilize vision.


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