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Emergency Eye Care

Emergency Eye Care, Right Here in South Forsyth County

Get Vital Assessment and Treatment for Any Eye Emergency

There are thousands of eye emergencies across the United States every single day. Whether it’s from a freak accident, a sporting collision or some other trauma, the effects of an eye injury can go far beyond what we normally perceive.

At Clarity Vision Group, we offer same-day appointments to assess the injury in terms of cause, short and long-term effects and its impact on your vision. Following diagnosis, you’ll be assigned a treatment program which is tailored to your exact circumstances.

Emergency Eye Care

Do I Need an Emergency Appointment?

Most vision-threatening eye diseases are slow, like age-related macular degeneration which gradually distorts your central vision. At the same time, glaucoma is usually a slow, progressive disease but its acute form can bring vicious, quick-onset symptoms and significant pain.

If you notice any sudden changes to your ocular health or vision, we recommend arranging an appointment as soon as possible. If you experience any of the following symptoms, we would love to see you as quickly as you are able to perform a comprehensive eye health exam:

  • Black spots in your vision
  • Flashes of light (aka “seeing stars”)
  • Tunnel vision
  • Red, inflamed or painful eyelids
  • Severe, sudden eye pain
  • Blurry or hazy vision
  • Sudden vision loss in one or both eyes.

Many eye emergencies are not caused by diseases, but rather by external trauma. This could be in the form of a collision, an acid burn or a foreign body stuck in the eye – whatever your case, you should definitely arrange an appointment to be sure there are no masked consequences.

Concussion Doesn’t Always Mean Unconscious

If you get a serious knock to the head, and especially if you experience dizziness or nausea, you could well have suffered a concussion – just because you haven’t fallen unconscious does not mean that all is well.

You should visit us for an exam as soon as possible, as many head injuries present a serious threat to your vision if untended. Only a trained professional with cutting-edge equipment can truly assess your condition.

Emergency Eye Care

Workplace Injuries

In the Unites States alone, there are over tens of thousands of serious eye injuries in the workplace every single year, costing the nation around $300m in treatment and lost time. Estimates also suggest that around 90% of all workplace accidents are totally preventable.

If everyone in the labor, chemicals or manufacturing industries wore safety goggles or other protective eyewear all the time, the number of accidents would plummet. If your job has the potential for causing an eye injury, then mention it to your employer and ensure that you are given full personal protective equipment – your vision could depend on it.


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