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Laser Eye Surgery Consultation

Offering Renewed Vision with Laser Eye Surgery

A Safe Procedure for Better Vision Correction

Corrective laser surgery has become one of the most highly valued and popular procedures in the world, and is one of the safest in American medicine. Successful surgery will forgo the need for contact lenses or frames, giving you perfect vision, 24-7.

Technological innovation has enabled laser surgery to become extremely consistent, with success rates averaging over 95%. High-precision lasers are used to permanently correct refractive errors like presbyopia and astigmatism, once and for all.

Specialty Services

What to Expect from Your Consultation

In an ideal world, LASIK surgery would be available for anyone with the means to undergo it; unfortunately, there are certain cases where patients do not qualify for the treatment.

If you suffer from a vision-destroying disease like diabetic retinopathy or wet AMD, laser surgery could be a useful tool in managing its progression – arrange to chat with one of our specialists to see if there’s anything we can do for you.

Your doctor will take a comprehensive medical history, looking for any factors which might make laser surgery an unsuitable treatment option. They will also ask about your lifestyle and work – certain employers have banned refractive procedures because of the small risk of compromising vision, or the recovery time required.

Once given the all-clear for surgery, we will take detailed measurements of your eyes and calculate your prescription to prepare for surgery. Those details arranged, it’s time to choose a date and look forward to ditching those lenses!

What to Expect from Your Surgery

The most common procedure is called LASIK, though there are actually 3 verified methods practiced in the United States: LASIK, LASEK and PRK. Each procedure is slightly different, so a patient who does not qualify for LASIK may still achieve corrected vision using another method.

The Procedure

Though each method varies from the other, there is an overall process which is consistent across all 3. Your eye will be given a local anesthetic and dilating eye drops – this facilitates improved accuracy of the lasers and a more comfortable experience for you.

The corneal tissue is then subject to intense bursts of targeted laser light, lasting only a few seconds. That’s it – quick and painless, though some patients experience a mild discomfort.

Specialty Services

Recovery Process

Though the majority of patients can return to work within 1-2 days of surgery, total recovery can take up to six months, though usually less. Other than a prescription of eye drops to maintain lubrication in the eye, the recovery will largely take care of itself.

If you do experience any discomfort or irritation, do not hesitate to contact us immediately – we are always here to help our patients following a procedure. Though uncommon, side effects can occur and should prompt a return visit to our clinic:

  • Dry eye symptoms (i.e. redness, swelling or irritation)
  • Blurred vision
  • Eye pain
  • Infection

Even if you experience no issues, we will have you return for several post-op consultations, just to ensure that you are healing well with no hidden complications.


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