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Seniors Eye Exam

Seniors Eye Exams

Eye Exams Tailored to the Unique Needs of Seniors

If there’s one thing you do to protect your eyes as you get older, it should be to attend our seniors-focused eye health exam. It’s your best chance to retain healthy, clear vision for the years to come.

Eye Health & Vision Exam

Assessing Your Eye Health, Visual Acuity and Disease Risk

  • Eye health – Your eyes can fall unwell like the rest of your body. Our eye health exam checks for any abnormalities that could develop into serious problems.
  • Visual acuity – Do you know how well you see? Some diseases steal away our vision slowly and quietly, so you may not know your eyesight is compromised. We will find out.
  • Disease risk – The older you are, the more like that age-related macular degeneration and cataracts (among others) will develop. Early detection means optimal vision retention.
  • Eye strain – Older focusing muscles tire more easily, and if you regularly watch TV or use computers/smartphones, you may suffer from digital eye strain but mistake it for general fatigue. We can help.

Schedule Your Exam

You may not have noticed subtle changes to your vision – only we can assess them and find out if everything is OK behind closed doors.

The American Optometric Association recommends that all American adults receive eye exams every 12 months.

Our team has huge expertise in performing quick, comfortable eye exams and taking as much time as needed to answer your questions.

Eye Health & Vision Exam

Helping You See More Clearly

As we get older, our eyes tire and tend to need more help focusing light and bringing out the sharper details in text or video. Your annual exam is the perfect chance to have your prescription updated, or to explore new avenues of vision correction.

Over 1,000 Designer Frames in Stock

Whether you’ve dropped them, worn them through or just fancy a new pair, we’re here to cater to your needs. Our optical dispensary stocks over 1,000 different pairs of eyeglasses, so there’s a perfect pair for you in there somewhere.

In-House Optical Lab Saves Time & Money

We can fill some prescriptions in as little as one hour thanks to our in-house optical lab.

Precision Contact Lens Exam

Finally tired of wearing (and losing) your glasses? We offer an expert contact lens exam and fitting service, where we will supply you with everything you need to live a comfortable, effortless life without frames.

Laser Corrective Surgery

LASIK surgery isn’t for everyone, but if you’re considering investing in permanent correction, give us a call to arrange one of our laser surgery consultations and we can discuss the matter at


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