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Enjoy Your Favorite Sports Without Risking Your Vision

Sports Eyewear Which Makes You More Effective

We rely on our vision extensively in the world of sport, and the use of traditional lenses or contacts could hamper your performance. At the least, a fully-sighted individual may have a small advantage – by using sports eyewear which is tailored to your eyes, head shape and specific sporting needs, you can win back that advantage for yourself.

Speciality eyewear exists for all sorts of sports, including cycling, sailing and running. In fact, we at Clarity Vision Group believe that there exists an ideal form of eyewear for every activity – you just need to ask for it.

Specialty Services

Prescription Eyewear Can Be Designed Just for You

If you suffer from any kind of refractive error, you probably use corrective lenses most of the time. Why should you stop during sports? We can design and manufacture eyewear which is optimized for weight, durability, style and of course, your precise visual needs. Contact us today to arrange an eye exam and discuss your lifestyle and requirements.

In-House Optical Lab Saves Time & Money

We can fill some prescriptions in as little as one hour thanks to our in-house optical lab.

Protect Your Vision from Sporting Accidents

If you are an athlete with 20:20 vision, you should consider wearing protective eyewear.

An eye emergency does not always mean a sharp embedded object or chemical burn, but can come from the most unexpected places. An average shuttlecock in badminton can travel at over 130mph – would you ever leave your eyes unprotected in another environment with such missiles flying around?

Basketball is renowned for the amount of incidental contact which leads to eye injuries (accidental pokes or prods with fingers) – in reality, all sports pose a physical risk to your eyes. That’s why we recommend that everyone wear protective eyewear during sports, whether they need help with vision correction or not.

Specialty Services

The Most Important Features of Sports Eyewear

Material Choice

The first thing is the material. Most sports eyewear lenses are made from polycarbonate, a solid material which is impact-resistant and shatterproof – glasses which can shatter or burst on impact could pose a serious threat to your eyes, so our eyewear is designed otherwise. We’ll also apply a scratch-proof coating to ensure they stand the test of time.

You can also invest in strong materials like titanium for your frames, to ensure that the eyewear cannot break and fall off under any normal stress.

Design Ergonomics

Aside from the physical material, the eyewear must be designed for a specific sport and for a patient’s unique head size and shape. This will ensure comfort, and also that the eyewear won’t accidentally work itself loose – a potentially harmful scenario when you are kayaking or doing some other adventure sport where you cannot stop.


Sports eyewear should be a priority for all athletes, not just those with vision problems. However, if you have a refractive error with your vision, you can obtain specialist eyewear which is designed with your prescription, so you can leave the contact lenses at home.


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