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Helping You to Better Understand Your Corrective Lens Prescription

Corrective lenses: the go-to treatment for optometrists when diagnosing a patient with refractive errors. Everyone with some form of vision problem has likely worn a pair of corrective lenses once or twice in their lifetime. If you haven’t worn them already, it is almost guaranteed you will as you age…

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Refractive Errors Explained: Hyperopia vs. Myopia vs. Astigmatism vs. Presbyopia

Refractive Errors Explained: Hyperopia vs. Myopia vs. Astigmatism vs. Presbyopia Refractive errors can affect our vision in a variety of ways, and different refractive errors affect our eyes in different ways. Some errors affect our distance vision, making signs and other distant objects blurry, and some affect our close up…

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How to Store & Take Care of Your Contact Lenses

Regardless of the reason, if you’re reading this article you must be interested in learning how to care for your contact lenses (and rightfully so). Learning how to protect your investment will ensure clear, hassle-free vision. Contact lenses have a number of different uses, but the majority of users wear…

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A Brief Guide to Maintaining Your Glasses

Glasses are by no means cheap. Whether you have insurance coverage or not, glasses can sometimes cost you a pretty penny. As such, we believe it is in your best interest to learn how to keep your investment in pristine condition. After all, who wants to try and read a…

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How Can Sunlight Damage Our Eyes?

<span ">The tiny, complex organs we call our eyes give us the miracle of sight. We use our eyes for absolutely everything, <span ">and as such, we must care for them accordingly. We believe that taking care of our eyes is top priority, and that it should be yours too.…

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