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Whether you need protective eyewear for work or sport, the team at Clarity Vision Group can create and manufacture eyewear optimized for weight, durability, style, and of course, your precise visual needs.

Important Features of Protective Eyewear

Quality protective eyewear can be the difference between defending your eyes against injury and experiencing an eye emergency. Discuss your lifestyle and visual needs with your optometrist to determine the right eyewear for you. Some important features we take into consideration include:

  • Material—durable, strong material will ensure the eyewear won’t break or fall off under normal stress.
  • Design—your eyewear can be designed for your specific needs to ensure the best function and comfort possible.
  • Prescription—if you have a refractive error, you can obtain eyewear designed with your prescription, so you can leave your contact lenses at home.

Brands We Carry

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RecSpecs are designed to stand up to some of life’s most demanding conditions. Engineered to protect and perform, RecSpecs are made from high-impact materials and can accommodate a wide range of prescription powers for people of all ages.

Our Services

Adult & Senior Eye Exams

Our comprehensive adult and senior eye exams give us the opportunity to assess your eye health, test your vision, and protect your eyes from future health problems.


Contact Lens Exams & Evaluations

Before you order your next pair of contacts, it’s important to get a proper contact lens exam and evaluation. Contact lenses aren’t suitable for everyone and an exam can help determine what vision correction solution is right for your eyes.

Children’s Eye Exams

Many eye diseases and conditions start to progress during childhood. Protect your child’s vision and eye health by making sure they see us regularly for an eye exam.

Myopia Management

Does your child have myopia or nearsightedness? With a variety of myopia management techniques and treatments, we can help your child’s vision improve.

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When you visit our practice, every step of your eye care experience will be tailored to you. Visit us today to see the difference we can make in your life.

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Our practice is conveniently located at the corner of Peachtree Parkway and South Clement Road. There is parking available directly in front of our office.

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