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A Brief Guide to Maintaining Your Glasses

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Whether it’s to correct a refractive error, or to protect your eyes from the sun, almost everyone has a pair of glasses. When we say glasses, we are referring to both prescription eyeglasses, as well as sunglasses.

Glasses are by no means cheap. Whether you have insurance coverage or not, glasses can sometimes cost you a pretty penny. As such, we believe it is in your best interest to learn how to keep your investment in pristine condition. After all, who wants to try and read a book through scratched lenses?

Reasons to Own Glasses

People own glasses for many different reasons. For some, glasses are needed to correct their refractive error – an error within the eye that prevents light from focusing on the retina properly, resulting in blurred vision.

For others, glasses are used to block out the sun while driving to allow them to see clearly. Even more, glasses may be used as a shield from potential allergens when working outdoors. Regardless of the need, it doesn’t hurt to know how to take care of your glasses.

First Things First

Did your glasses come with a carrying case? If not, go out and buy a carrying case! If you don’t own a carrying case and are frustrated that your lenses are always scratched, stop throwing them wherever you please!

Carrying cases are lined with a soft fabric that will not damage your glasses. In addition, they are made of a hard shell that will protect them from being crushed or damaged. They also act as a convenient place to store your glasses in which you will always know where they are.

Washing Your Glasses

Like everything else, our glasses need to be washed occasionally to keep them in perfect condition. Regardless of whether your glasses have a buildup of allergens on the lenses, or are covered in bacon grease because you placed them next to the frying pan during lunch, there is a right way and a wrong way to wash your glasses.

Before you even think about wiping your glasses off, always rinse them. Tiny invisible particles of dust or dirt can settle on your lens, and wiping your glasses with them present can be abrasive.

Follow up by spraying the lenses with a cleanser that is specifically made to clean eyeglass lenses. Never use household cleaners as they will tear off any coating that is on the lens. Then, allow the glasses to air dry.

Use The Right Cleaning Cloth

Never use paper towel, tissue, or napkins to wipe your lenses. Another popular method of wiping is our shirts. Do not use your shirt. All of these materials have a surface that can easily scratch them.

Use a cloth that is 100% cotton to prevent scratches on the lenses. Microfibre cloths are also an appropriate choice when wiping your lenses, but be sure to have a cloth set aside solely for use on your lenses.

Remove Your Glasses With Two Hands

You may have gotten into the habit of removing your glasses with one hand. If you have, you need to stop immediately. Removing your glasses with one hand is a great way to misalign the earpieces, nothing more.

By using two hands, the earpieces remain straight and in the right alignment. This will keep your glasses fitting as designed longer, and prevent any warping from occurring.

Consult The Experts

Taking good care of your glasses seems easy enough, right? Most of the steps outlined in this article may seem like common sense, but you’d be surprised at how many bad habits you might’ve developed over the years.

Come visit our optometrists to learn a little bit more about protecting your investment. After all, you wouldn’t have bought them in the first place if you didn’t need them- let’s make sure they stay pristine for a long time!

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